Eight Mile Plains - What's around?

Below you can find some general information about a number of reputable venues and businesses in the Eight Mile Plains area. Our hotel is right next door to the suburb of Eight Mile Plains, and the perfect hubspot for when you need affordable corporate accommodation in the area.

Bne Technology Park

Brisbane Technology Park is the thriving hub that is Queensland’s premier business park. It is home to more than 150 companies.


Transurban develops urban toll road networks in Australia and the United States. Their office in Eight Mile Plains is located in the Brisbane Technology Park.

Quill Group

Offering a wide array of financial services, Quill Group is a well-established accounting and financial firm located in Eight Mile Plains.


A high-needs disability support organisation based in Eight Mile Plains, Multicap assist people with individual plans to help them gain personal independence and inclusion within the community.

Printing & More

Printing & More is a local printing business based in Eight Mile Plains. They offer all your basic printing needs, as well as mailing and design solutions.

MBE Mail Boxes Etc.

MBE is a printing and business services company based in Eight Mile Plains. They offer a range of services, including direct mail programs and marketing solutions.

RACQ Headquarters

RACQ is Queensland’s most renowned motoring club, offering a variety of services – roadside assistance, insurance, travel and finance. They are based in Eight Mile Plains.

Major Busway Station

The busway station at Eight Mile Plains is a major public transport interchange, connecting north to the city via the Pacific Highway and south to Springwood.

Indians Baseball Club

The Indians Baseball Club at Runcorn is right next door to Eight Mile Plains. A local sporting club with many great team events and extracurricular activities on offer.

Sunnybank Rugby

Another local sporting group just next door, Sunnybank Rugby Queensland is a constantly active group in the local community with much on offer for teams and members alike.

Full Gospel Church

The Brisbane Full Gospel Church at Eight Mile Plains is located at 2642 Logan Road. It is a popular and reputable church among the local Korean population.

Tao Zhong Shu Temple

A temple of worship for followers of Taoism. Located at 39 Millers Road in Eight Mile Plains. A peaceful place to take in the teachings and purpose of Tao.