May 12, 2016

DM Henderson Park

Eight Mile Plains Hotel Park

De-stress and take a break from your busy schedule with a walk or picnic at DM Henderson Park. Sometimes it’s great to step away from your busy work schedule for an hour or even just a few minutes – if you’re in the Eight Mile Plains area, head down to DM Henderson Park any time of the day. It’s a nice little relaxation spot with heaps of space and all the facilities you could expect or want from a park. For those tech-addicts, it has free Wi-Fi too!

DM Henderson Park can be accessed via Granadilla Street and McCullough Street in MacGregor and is home to a number of local sports clubs, including the Macgregor Netball Association, Macgregor Cricket Club, Sunnybank Senior Rugby Union, and Sunnybank Community & Sports Club. Well within walking distance of the nearby business districts, it’s a great place to take that well-earned rest, set up and have a family picnic, or just enjoy your lunch break in the fresh outdoor air.